Detroit Style Pizza Pans

Detroit Style Pizza Pan in a conveyor oven

The best in the business say that when it comes to creating Detroit Style Pizza, you need the right pan for the job. We couldn’t agree more. That’s why LloydPans designed it.

Check out these bells and whistles:
  • Sleek body design: Built to motor city specifications
  • Tough Type 3 hard coat anodize exterior: Metal utensil safe to withstand punishing conditions without chipping, baking, or flaking off –no matter what.
  • High performance release coating: Non-toxic and ready to roll – no pre-seasoning required
  • Delicious interior: Your customers will taste the robust flavors of your mouth-watering pizza –not the pan.
  • Rugged durability: Long after food, carbon, and rancid oil build-up on blue steel pans make them candidates for replacement, our Detroit Style Pans still look and act like they’ve just rolled off the lot.


"LloydPan's "Detroit Style Pizza Pan" gives my pizza crust
the perfect balance of crispy, soft and chewy."

"I don't have to season the pans (saves me hours of time!)
and my crust and caramelized cheese corners never stick to the pan!"

Jeff Smokevitch

Owner of Brown Dog Pizza, Telluride, CO
World Pizza Champion

What's the difference between steel pans and dark anodized pans?

Tom Lehman, the director of the School of Baking at the American Institute of Baking, wrote in PMQ magazine about seasoning steel pans, the delicate seasoned surface, health and flavor issues. Read the article here...

In Part 2 of his article he writes about hard anodized pans. LloydPans products are hard anodized with a permanent release coating. Read Part 2 here...

Detroit Style Pizza Pans: 2 sizes

Detroit Style Pizza Pans

Available in 8 x 10 inch and 10 x 14 inch sizes

If you’re considering adding Detroit Style Pizza to the menu in your store, or you simply need to replace some pretty ugly pans, contact us at for details on how you can take one for a “test drive.”

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