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by Support Arland | Sep 10, 2013

In our second blog in the series of cakes around the world, we travel to England, where we discuss Victoria sponge cake.

Victoria Sponge Cake

Victoria sponge cake, also known as Victoria sandwich, is a popular cake in England and consists of two layers of sponge held together by a layer of buttercream icing and raspberry or strawberry jam. This sweet sponge cake is named after Queen Victoria, as this was her favorite to eat during afternoon tea.

Having symmetrical pieces of sponge makes stacking the layers of sponge easier, as well as contributes to the overall appearance of the cake. Using cake pans that have removable bases creates the symmetrical sponge pieces and also makes removing the cake from the pan easier. Lloyd Pans’ round cake pans are built to exact standards, featuring perfectly straight sides, a small bottom radius, even wall thickness, a round rim and seamless construction. They are an excellent pan for this cake.

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Victoria Sponge cake photo courtesy eatliverun.com