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Deep Dish Pizza Nesting, Stacking, or Perforated Pans. Which should I choose?

Looking for straight-sided pizza pans? Would you like to eliminate the need for lids when your pizza pans are full of proofing dough? If your answer is yes, then choose our Deep Dish PIzza Stacking Pans. They’re built with an internal resting ring that offers just under 1.5” clearance between pans when stacked together, and measure 2.25” deep from top to bottom.

Looking for angled pizza pans that are available in both 1.5” and 2” depths? If so, choose our Deep Dish Pizza Nesting Pans, and remember that you’ll need separator lids if you’ll be proofing dough in them, since the pans nest inside each other in the same way that measuring cups do.

If getting your heavy pizza crust and toppings completely baked through at the same time has been challenging, choose our Perforated Deep Dish Pizza Pans. LloydPans unique “volcano hole” perforation pattern is designed to speed up the baking process to your crust while providing an “escape hatch” for steam.

For Deep Dish Pizza Nesting Pans, is it better to buy Nesting Pan Lids or Separator Disks?

Deep Dish Pizza Nesting Pan Lids offer the most secure fit, especially if you’re transporting pizza pans full of proofing dough from one area of your kitchen to another. Separator Disks provide a lower cost option and should be 2” larger in diameter than the nesting pans they’ll cover.